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About us

Elacast Ltd, Edinburgh is a UK based engineering and project management company. We specialise in supplying iron and steel castings to the UK market. 
Besides supplying castings to the UK market, we also supply investment casting consumable materials..

Elacast Ltd, Edinburgh works together with your technical and purchasing / procurement departments to identify your technical, budgetary and delivery time demands for your castings needs. As we work on your enquiry, we present you the most cost effective and reliable source of supply through our sub-contractor foundries in Turkey.

Once our offer is accepted and your order is placed with Elacast Ltd, in the light of our experience of more than 25 years in German castings market, we realize the pattern production, prototype / sample production, series production, quality control stages and finally organise all the necessary logistics to ensure timely delivery to your factory.  All correspondances and invoicing are done here in the UK at Elacast Ltd, Edinburgh.

Our history 

Our family history in the castings business goes back to 1970's. After many years in the industry, our sister company Evren AS Istanbul was started in 1997 by one of the founding members and past presidents of Turkish Foundrymen Association, Mr. Mithat Ural. Establishing a strong name in the German market throughout the years, castings exports business was started to be directed by Mr. A.Erdem Ural as of 2008. Since then the company continued its growth and honored by several awards including being ranked #10 in the casting exporters and entering the top 1.000 metal exporters list. Mr. A.Erdem Ural has then started Elacast Ltd Edinburgh serving 
the UK market. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us open your gate to the Turkish casting industry.

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