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Elacast Ltd supplies raw or machined: 


Carbon Steel Castings

Low / High Alloyed Steel Castings

Manganese Steel Castings

Gray Cast Iron Parts

Low / High Alloyed Cast Iron Parts and

Spheroidal Cast Iron Parts.


Spare Parts for Power Plants, Waste Incineration Plants and Mills

Grate Bars

Grate Plates

Cooler and Lining Plates


Cement Industry

Wear Resistant Plates

Cooling Grates and Plates

Refractory Brick Holders

Crushing Hammers


Ore Treatment and Mining Industries
Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Bespoke Products

Grate Bars

Various Units of Furnaces

Heat and Wear Resistant Plates

Digging Equipments


Cast Iron Test and Calibration Weigths

Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Bollards

Cast Iron Air Bricks

Cast Iron Radiator Feet

Drain Covers & Grates

Tree Grates


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